September Ministry Update

Highlights from the trip to the Czech Republic

“For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love that you have
shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do.” Hebrews 6.10

Thank you all for your prayers for our family while I was away in the Czech Republic. Your prayers certainly were felt, both in the Czech Republic and here at home as April took care of the kids. The trip provided an invaluable chance for me to see what life in the Czech Republic will be like. I was able to visit our target city, Přerov, and spend time praying and dreaming with the Váhalas about what a church plant in that city might look like. We were able to look at housing in Přerov and meet with the directors of a language school there to discuss what we will need to do in order to begin learning Czech once we move. We worshiped with the believers at the church in Kroměříž, which is about 20 minutes from where we hope to plant. It was such a joy to be with them and know that we will have a healthy church nearby to link arms with as we settle into Czech life. Perhaps the most meaningful part of the trip was spending a half-day of prayer in the mountains with Anthony and two of the leaders from the church in Kroměříž. It was a great time of confession, encouragement, and prayer. Our hope is that this kind of intentional prayer and accountability will continue to mark our ministry as we move forward.

Although I was only in the country 10 days, the need in the Czech Republic for Gospel-centered, Bible-believing churches was clear. The fact that we had to drive 20 minutes to get to the closest evangelical church was evidence of the secularism that defines the country (the next closest evangelical church was close to an hour away). When we compare that with the United States, where most of us live only a few miles from our church and are surrounded by dozens of other churches, we get a sense of how desperately the Czech people need healthy, biblical, indigenous (that is, Czech-led) churches. Please continue praying for the Czech people and for the Lord of the harvest to continue sending laborers. The need is great, but thankfully God is greater.

I have uploaded pictures from my trip onto our website. You can access them by clicking here. Looking back through them makes me so excited about moving there in the next few months. Pray we will be patient and remain faithful while we are still here in the states. We are so grateful for all of you. Please let us know how we can intercede on your behalf.

In Him,
David & crew

Ministry Update

The Váhalas have been blessed with some amazing ministry opportunities in their part of the Czech Republic. The village they are living in, Klenovice, was in need of a soccer coach for one of their teams, so the mayor asked Anthony to coach for them. He now has a great inroad into the community there, something which often takes years to establish. He has also been able to speak in some of the area high schools about the advantages of learning English in the US and has had opportunities to hang around after he speaks and have Gospel conversations with some of the students. One of the sweetest ministry opportunities they have had has been with their soon-to-be neighbors who are building a house across the street from them. They are not believers, but they have shown a lot of interest in the Gospel and have been attending church with the Váhalas. I had a chance to meet them while I was there, and I’m so grateful for how God sovereignly put them in relationship with the Váhalas.

We are continuing to serve at our local church, The Church at Cherrydale. On top of the internship program I mentioned in our last update, we are both pursuing discipleship relationships with some younger believers in the church. April has also begun helping to prepare meals for a local after-school program in downtown Greenville. We have several speaking opportunities coming up, both in SC and in other parts of the country. God is continuing to give us opportunities to share about the work in the Czech Republic with friends and family and with other missions-minded churches. We are on track to meeting our goal of having all our support by the end of year, so hopefully we will be making relocation plans soon!


  • Praise God for a tremendous trip to the Czech Republic! My time there was incredible, all my flights were on time, and all my baggage ended up where it needed to be.
  • We are 70% funded! Praise God for His provision!
  • Praise God for how He has been working among the Czech people. He has been preparing hearts, and we hope to see many Czechs surrender their lives to Christ in response.

Prayer Requests

  • We are still waiting to hear back about the mission house we are hoping to move into. Please pray it will be ready soon. If it’s going to be a while before the house is ready, then it probably won’t be worth the hassle to move all our stuff for just a few months.
  •  Pray we will be intentional about fostering our relationship with the Váhalas while we’re still here.
  • As we asked in our last newsletter, please pray God will continue to bring people into our path whom He is leading to invest in our ministry.

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