Saying Goodbye to Lucie

Dear friends,

It is with incredibly heavy hearts that we write to let you know that our Czech teacher, Lucie, passed away last Friday evening. After a month-and-a-half in the hospital, the doctors performed a 3rd surgery to determine what was wrong with her stomach and discovered she had major complications with both her gall bladder and her pancreas. Sadly there was nothing they could do to. We got an email today from a fellow classmate letting us know.

We are shocked and so sad. Lucie was a young, vibrant, compassionate person and we are all going to miss her so much. She was an incredible teacher and had become a close friend, especially to April. We are resting in the knowledge that she had clearly heard the Gospel and the hope that God saw fit to open her eyes to the truth of who He is before she passed away. David’s mom was here last week and was able to visit Lucie in the hospital. Lucie had just been given the OK to start drinking liquids again (she had been on an IV for weeks), and as Ruth prayed for her, she asked that God would allow Lucie to drink from the Living Water, Christ. After Ruth finished praying, Lucie said she had a vision of a running river with fruit growing all around it during the prayer. We don’t know what all God did in Lucie’s heart in her last days, but we know His will was perfectly accomplished, and we are praying we will see her in heaven one day.

Please pray for us in the days ahead. We have already shed a lot of tears and will probably shed a lot more. We are planning to attend her funeral once we are given details, and we want to be intentional about reaching out to her mother, whom April met last week. April said she was completely broken and hopeless, and we want to show her the love of Christ and minister to her as she grieves. Please pray that Lucie’s passing will be a wake-up call to those who knew her and that we will have opportunities to speak truth into their lives as a result. Please pray for the kids too. The older two have been praying for her since she was first admitted to the hospital, specifically that she would believe in Jesus and love God. When Micah heard the news his eyes filled with tears and he asked “Is Ms. Lucie in hell?” They don’t fully understand what’s happened, but we want to have opportunities to speak truth to them too as their little minds process death and eternity.

Thank you for your faithful prayers for Lucie over the past few months. We hope this reminder of life’s brevity will spur us toward bolder proclamation of the Gospel in Czech Republic, and we pray it will spur you toward the same end in your context. We love you and are so grateful for you, especially in times like these.

In Him,
The McWhites


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