November Ministry Update

Exciting news from this past month!

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.” Phil 4.19

To our Great Commission partners:

Thank you for your prayers for us over the past month. November was quite eventful for us. We were able to spend some great time with our supporters, both in SC and in NC. We also had support conversations with several new folks, which is always a blessing for us (and hopefully for them too!). We spent a week in Wake Forest and had a coffee night for our supporters. We had around 20 folks stop by during the night and we were able to share with them all that God has done for our family and this ministry over the past year. Sunday morning we were blessed to have a chance to share with the body at North Wake as the week’s Far-Flung Family. It was great to be able to brag on God and all He has done and see all the excitement over what lies ahead for this church plant.

The biggest news from this month is that we are officially 90% funded! By God’s grace, in the past 9 months of full-time support raising we have received almost all the support we need to live and minister in the Czech Republic. We give God all the glory for this and we’re praising Him for how He has blessed this process. Having raised almost all our monthly budget and half our startup costs, we’ve set March 1 as our target arrival date in the Czech Republic! We have looked at an apartment to rent right in the heart of Přerov (our target city), and Anthony, who was kind enough to give us a virtual tour of the apartment, talked with the realtor, who talked with the owner, who said he would hold it for us until the beginning of next year when we can put down our deposit. We also put down a deposit on a crate to take all of our stuff to the Czech Republic. After a lot of prayer and pricing, we realized crating our belongings will be much cheaper than trying to buy everything we need to furnish an apartment in the Czech Republic (especially with no Craigslist or Walmart!), so we’ll be sorting and packing all our stuff over the next couple of months before we crate it up in February. Finding an apartment and getting a crate were 2 of the 3 big steps we needed to take before leaving (the final step being purchasing our plane tickets), and we knocked both of those out within 24 hours, so our heads are still spinning a little as we try to process all that needs to get done before we move. But God is faithful, and we trust He’ll allow us to get all our things in order and raise the reminder of our finances before we leave.

We are planning to use Entermissions, North Wake’s annual missions conference, as our commissioning service before we leave. The conference will take place February 20–22 in Wake Forest, and we would love for any of who can make it to join us. We will plan to fly out a week later and arrive in the Czech Republic by the 1st of March. We have a lot to do between now and then, and it’s hard to believe we are so close to leaving, but we are very excited about taking the next step and moving to our target city! Thank you for all your prayers and support. Know that we pray for you too and thank God for how you love on our family.

In Him,
The McWhites

IMG_6015 IMG_6041 IMG_6101
Above are some pictures from our time with our supporters this month. The McDades (left) came over for dinner and were kind enough to indulge our kids’ many requests for reading and playing. The Marburgers (center) flew all the way from Hawaii to see us! Not really, but they did fly to NC from Hawaii and were in Raleigh during our trip to Wake Forest. The picture on the right is from our coffee night in Wake Forest. We are so blessed by all our supporters and their faithfulness to God and to this ministry!


Will you help us finish strong?
Before we can leave, we need to raise about 10% of our monthly budget and the other half of our startup costs. We would love for you to pray about partnering with us financially in one of two ways. If you’re not already a monthly financial partner, then we would be grateful for a chance to meet up to share our vision for this church plant and lay out our financial goals to see if you would be willing to invest in this work on a monthly basis. If you are already a monthly partner, or if you can’t commit to monthly giving at this time but can give a one-time gift, then we humbly ask that you would pray about contributing to our startup fund. We still have to raise about $20,000 to help cover the costs of things like plane tickets, passports, visas, a vehicle for our family, a deposit on an apartment, appliances for our apartment (it’s unfurnished and U.S. appliances won’t work there), and a crate. All our one-time contributions will be paid out to us by North Wake as reimbursements once we begin paying our various startup-related costs. All our giving info is available on our Give page, and you can follow the instructions for a recurring or single gift. If you prefer to give by check, you can mail a check to: North Wake Church, c/o Lisa Pereira, 1212 S. Main St., Wake Forest, NC 27587. Please make checks payable to “North Wake Church” with “McWhite Missionary Support” in the memo line. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Thank you!
This Thanksgiving season we want you to know how thankful we are for you! Thank you for your prayer and financial support over the past year. We know that we would not be as far along as we are without your faithful prayer and giving, and we thank God for providing for our family and ministry through you. We always thank God for the many ways He shows grace to us, and your support is an evidence of that grace. From our family to yours, and from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!


  • Praise God for providing for this work so abundantly!
  • God has provided rich community with our supporters, friends, and family this month.
  • Lily got really sick this week but was well within 24 hours. Jack is still sick, but we’re praying he’s on the mend!

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that the owner of the apartment we looked at will hold it for us until the beginning of the year. There are very few places to rent in Přerov, and this apartment is big enough for our family and is right in the heart of the city.
  • Pray that we would persevere as we go through every single thing we own and sort out what we need to take with us overseas. 
  • Pray that we would make the most of our time with loved ones before we leave. The closer we get to moving, the harder it is to think about leaving all our friends and family. We trust the reward will be greater than the sacrifice, but leaving everyone behind is really hard to think about right now. (Knowing the Váhalas will be there when we arrive helps a lot though :).

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