Part of our ministry in Ireland will be helping the church write music that is both biblically-based and culturally-meaningful. Singing our praise is an important part of our worship to God (Ps 30.4; 57.9; 92.1; Isa 12.5; Eph 5.19; Col 3.16), and we want to help believers in Ireland craft music that honors God and His Word and is meaningful in their culture (meaning we don’t just want to import American music styles and expect everyone everywhere to be able to relate to them). One of the many blessings of being at North Wake Church was the opportunity I had to write music  with other members of our church for the purpose of edifying and encouraging the members of our own congregation and other believers around the world. It was so beneficial to be able to sing songs written from the Scripture we were studying, and we want to help the believers here treasure God’s Word in their hearts (Ps 119.11) by writing songs inspired by God’s Word and influenced by Irish culture.

By God’s grace, one of the products of being in a song-writing church was an album I wrote and recorded titled Salty.Shiny (Matt 5.13–16). All of the tracks from that album are available for streaming in the media player below. If you would like to support our work and get 5 songs in return, then please click “Buy” on the player below. You will be redirected to a BandCamp music page, where you will be able to purchase and download the entire album. Thanks for listening!