July Ministry Update

Support raising: What’s in it for you?

Not that I seek the gift, but I seek the fruit that increases to your credit.” Phil 4.17

At the end of his letter to the church at Philippi, Paul thanks the brothers and sisters there for the support they sent during his time of trouble. They were not a church of great financial means, but they were the only church that entered into a partnership with him when he left from Macedonia and when he was in Thessalonica (4.15, 16), and Paul expresses his deep gratitude for their sacrificial giving. And then he says something really interesting: he tells them his primary concern is not for the gift they gave but for the gift they received from supporting him. According to Paul, the Philippian church was earning heavenly credit by supporting him (another translation of 4.17 reads: “I seek the profit that accrues to your account”). God saw their sacrifice, and it pleased Him.

The reality that supporting gospel workers leads to God’s blessing has changed the way we view support raising. It was easy to go into this time of preparation focused only on how we would benefit from gaining supporters. We need support in order to live and minister in the Czech Republic, so when people begin supporting us, we benefit by having the financial means to do what God has called us to do. But God has shown us that He has also reserved blessings for those who give of their resources to support our ministry (and any other Gospel ministry), and it has changed how we view support raising and how we invite other people to be a part of the work in the Czech Republic. It’s not just about blessing us; it’s also about receiving God’s blessing by realizing everything we own belongs to Him and being willing to give of our time, talents, and treasure in obedience to Him.

Below is a giving chart that shows what we need financially in order to live and minister in the Czech Republic. It is a “best-case scenario” chart, and our support layout doesn’t adhere perfectly to it, but it shows how many partners we need to have each month at certain levels in order to get to 100%. We have supporters above and below the levels on this chart, and everywhere in between, but we think presenting this chart makes our goal of raising ~$7,400/mo. seem more achievable.

Levels of Giving Chart

Would you set aside some time in the coming days and weeks for the purpose of asking God if He would have you take a spot on this chart? We realize many of you may not be able to invest financially in this work, but we believe many of you can, and we would love to have you be a part of our financial support team. If you don’t feel led to support our work, then please support other ministries (we have some we can recommend :), not only for the sake of your fellow workers, but also for the sake of obtaining God’s blessing in your own life.

Information on giving is available here.

Ministry Update
The Váhala family sent out their most recent newsletter (you can sign up for it here), and we are so grateful for how God is opening doors for ministry in the Czech Republic. They have had spiritual conversations with new neighbors, have been asked to coach soccer by the mayor of our town, and have been able to attend and help with area conferences. Praise God for quickly opening doors in this spiritually dark country!

I’m making final plans for my trip to Přerov in 3 weeks. I’m so ready to be in the city and see the place God for which has been burdening our hearts. I’ll be there 10 days and hope to look at housing and some possible locations for the church plant. I promise to take a lot of pictures!


  • We are 60% funded! Praise God for His provision!
  • David was asked into the 2nd stage of the Leadership Institute at The Church at Cherrydale. This program will afford him opportunities to teach and lead during the rest of our time here.
  • A local church has agreed to let us stay in one of their mission houses for free. We have loved living with family, but we think spending time on our own as a family of 5 (which we haven’t done since Jack was born) will make our transition overseas a little easier.

Prayer Requests

  • We are reaching the end of our close network of potential supporters. Please pray God will continue to bring people into our path whom He is leading to invest in our ministry.
  • Lily has been having a hard time sleeping like she is supposed to. Please pray she will have peace at night and will be able to sleep past 4:30 in the morning.
  • David is still waiting for his renewed passport. The website indicates that it should be here by next week (he doesn’t leave until August 19). Please pray it will be returned quickly.

Thank you for following our family and ministry. We are so grateful for you!

In Him,
The McWhites

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